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Makor Hateva

(The source of the nature)


Makor Hateva specializes in solar heating and plumbing for the private and contractor customers.
We are the distributors of Chromagen and Amcor solar heating collectors.
Our prices are competitive.
We offer 24 hours service to our customers.


Toll Free 1800-36-50-50

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Noam Avisar

Marketing manager

Uziel 63, Street,
Ramat Gan,52344



Special on solar tanks, electical boilers& tanks with heat exchangers

The special includes changing of parts and work 236 NIS including VAT 24 hour annual subscription


  • Heating element

  • Solar panel cleaning

  • Thermostat

  • Boiler cleaning

  • Cold-water pipe from boiler to solar panel

  • One-way security valves

  • Hot-water pipe from solar panel to boiler

  • Every service call will be charged at 50NIS including VAT


Connections to boiler and solar panel

This special deal does not include boiler, solar panel, or glass replacement.


The subscriber will receive a discounted price on boiler replacement, electricity, and heat distribution replacement.Approved by Amcor and Chromagen.



Uziel Street 64 Ramat Gan    

Tel: 03 - 6777935

Mobile: 0544 - 802380 / 0522 - 523150

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